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Play Pathfinder 2E


Solo Adventurers & Groups | Weekdays & Weekends | 10am / 2pm / 7pm

Tinker Tales Studios, 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah #02-13, Singapore 159455


This is a shared world campaign consisting of many other players interacting within this same setting.


Choices YOU make during the session will affect the world at large,

and may trigger inter-party sessions, EPICs (multi-table sessions) and more!

How will you make your mark on The Velen Sea today?


Welcome to

The Velen Sea

You’re one of many who have made their way to its frontier ports to make your mark in this unknown region. Regardless of your intent, there can be no doubt that any explorer will find exactly what they want amongst the uncountable islands and isles that dot these vast waters. 

This is an unexplored world ripe with possibility. Its islands and native civilizations are uncharted and untouched, laws are nonexistent, and the only rules here are those that you dictate.

So begins your journey. Will it be that of hope and compassion, or despair and aggression?

Choose wisely your path, for the actions you take will carve out the destiny of this new world.


Each session is 3 - 4 hours


Sign up as an individual or

with a group of friends!

We'll match solo players with a group :)


Freeflow hot & cold drinks and snacks are included with every session.


New players to our studio for Dungeons & Dragons will receive a complimentary set of dice & dice bag worth $16!


Session info

Pathfinder 2E: Tattered Sails
Dates: Booking by appointment basis.
Daily Time Slots: 
10am morning | 2pm noon | 7pm evening

Prerequisites: None, first timers welcome!
Players: 3 - 5pax / table
(We can match individuals with a group!)

$25 / pax Learn To Play Session
$30 / pax One Shots
$30 / pax Campaign Sessions

Setting: Pathfinder 2e Tattered Sails

[A Tinker Tales Original]written by our team of Storytellers.

Character Levels:
New players
- you'll pick out a character at our studio, all materials are provided for the session!
Seasoned players - Level 3, all official Pathfinder 2e book races & classes/content allowed. 

If you've enjoyed your Learn To Play / One Shot session, we're opening up the option for new groups to bring your characters to a campaign game!

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