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EPIC #2: Midsummer Nights’ Dream


16 October 2022 | Sunday | 7:00pm - 10:30pm

Tinker Tales Studios, 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah #02-13, Singapore 159455

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

Dukun Chitu Saljuna of the Green Shroud humbly invites all fair, noble hearts and genteel countenances to our menagerie house as we celebrate the “Turning”. It is when summer turns to autumn, as we watch the first green leaf turns.

Come ye spirited and sordid individuals as we relish in both the pure and profane to the theatre of our mortal desires.

It will be a glorious dusk affair where a feast will be called upon and all can partake (if  one does not lose this invitation or else something wicked comes).

Honoured guests and revered patrons, be prepared for games, revelry, boons and even curses as we indulge in the dusks festivities.

Be careful what you wish, it might just come true.


Each session is 3 - 4 hours


[ 15 slots avaliable ]
Sign up as an individual or

with a group of friends!

We'll match solo players with a group :)


Freeflow hot & cold drinks and snacks are included with every session.


New players to our studio for Dungeons & Dragons will receive a complimentary set of dice & dice bag worth $16!


Session info

Date: 16 Oct Sun 7pm

Prerequisites: Familiar with D&D 5e.

Players: 5pax / table (Limited slots available!)
Theme: South East Asian Feywild Folklore
Price: $35 / pax | Sign up for all 3 EPICs at $100 for all 3!

Setting: D&D 5e Tattered Sails [A Tinker Tales Original]

Character Creation / Eligibility
Character Levels: 3 - 5
・New/first time & existing campaign characters allowed.
・New characters to the Tattered Sails universe will start at Level 3.
・All official WOTC content is allowed for character creation, no Unearthed Arcana (beta test content)
・EPICs are canon to campaign player character stories.


If it's your first time playing in an EPIC, it's (usually) a fast paced session where players complete objectives and work with or against each other in real time towards a final outcome!

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