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Cyberpsycho “Hunted” Conapt

Cyberpunk Red

Booking by appointment | Weekdays 2pm / 7pm

Tinker Tales Studios, 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah #02-13, Singapore 159455


Each session is 3 - 4 hours

Our daily time slots for bookings:
Morning 10AM

Afternoon 2PM
Evening 7PM


Sign up as an individual or

with a group of friends!

We'll match solo players with a group :)


Freeflow hot & cold drinks and snacks are included with every session.


First time players welcome!

This is an intro session to introduce players to the Cyberpunk Red system.

Campaign Sessions available Nov 2022


Session info

Dates: Booking by appointment basis. |
[Weekends 2pm /7pm]
Available from 1 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Prerequisites: None, first timers welcome!
Players: 3 - 5pax / table
(We can match individuals with a group!)

Price: $25 / pax

Setting: D&D 5e Tattered Sails [A Tinker Tales Original]

written by our team of Storytellers.

Character Levels:
New players - you'll pick out a character at our studio, all materials are provided for the session!
Seasoned players - Level 3, all official WOTC book races & classes/content allowed. No Unearthed Arcana (Beta test content)

If you've enjoyed your session, we're opening up the option for new groups to bring your characters to a campaign game!

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